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Roosevelt released a new work, which received the same name. The album was released August 19 on City Slang and contains 12 tracks.

We live in interesting times of the musical world. Many of the performers depart from the usual formats like longplay or EP album and give preferences one-off singles. This is especially true of pop and about artists. After several successful singles and compilations, Roosevelt nevertheless turned his eyes on more conservative formats and released their debut longplay. Stylistically characterized by extremely difficult to plate, as the author had lots of genres, however, you can select main - electronic, indie and chillwave.

Roosevelt did not neglect strings instruments, but still the bulk of the album consists of high-grade electronics, which is so minimalist, but dance aims that cannot be kept. Among the notable songs worth mentioning songs Night Moves, Colours and Hold On. Each of these songs are presented in completely different forms and may be described to all comers multifaceted debut work by german composer and performer.

The work of the same name Roosevelt turned out interesting and unique. If you want to hear something light, simple but very attractive and stylish, the album of the same name by german author - this is what you need. Pleasant listening!

22.09.2016 13:14:21

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