The Group continues to make high-quality tracks...

Scooter released their latest Studio work, which was called Ace. Longplay includes 14 tracks, which took place on 5 February on Sheffield Tunes.

Legendary German team electronic-dance direction published album, which became Scooter 18-th studio work. For 22 years the creative powers team, headed by permanent leader H.P. Baxxter fired countless hits, played on various world music venues and settled in the hearts of millions of listeners of electronic music worldwide.

At Ace are continuing the tradition of group - work in the genres of techno, hardstyle and edm as a whole. Myself damn leg break, looking for the number of styles on the disc, but we wish to point out that Scooter is a Scooter, and it is worth completing.

Scooter doesn't know what a midlife crisis group. Despite an impressive discography, the gang continues to delight fans with quality old school tracks. A few years ago, a group of new party Phil Speiser, and perhaps it is to him we owe the fact that the panel has not slid, but rather tries to maintain the bar's own quality.

We are confident that, for many listeners, the Ace of the Scooter is a bastion of memories, a source of nostalgia in a new process. Being a fan, clearly do not lose time and bravely go to the expanse of fresh tracks from Kings of the EDM. And if there is fresh blood, feel that many listeners felt at the peak of popularity of rave wave.

07.02.2016 08:35:10

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