Seven Lions

Creation have the lure of open to creative ideas...

Creation has Seven Lions new album, which was released March 25 on Casablanca Records. Album contains 7 songs.

28-year-old American musician, whose real name is Jeff Montalvo, released a fifth studio work, that does not make them wait long. General musician last years all fans of fresh music pleases almost every year and this indicates not only the fertility of the author, but also on creativity, inexhaustible zeal.

For those not familiar with Seven Lions, it is worth noting that a musician working in related electronic genres, namely dubstep, progressive house and even trance. Actually, all this splendor to a greater or lesser extent, presented at Creation.

In recording fresh plates of American electronic musician also attended by Mike Mains, Lights and more. Guest musicians, basically brought vocal colors and in diverse and concentrated studio disc.

Of all the tracks apart I want to highlight a song titled Leaving Earth, on which there is some experimental flight of the author and the trial itself in ambient format. In addition, the song of Coming Home, executed in conjunction with Mike Mains, opens for the Seven Lions absolutely new horizons music that may not be in contact with the electronic format.

Seven Lions with his album Creation have the lure of all those listeners who are open to this flight of creative ideas, without genre prejudice and other improper conduct. Excellent, balanced work for all lovers of electronic music.

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Seven Lions

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