The Evolution of Decay

With the instrumental point of view longplay is extremely diverse...

Here came the new studio work from Siva titled The Evolution of Decay. Longplay is presented in the form of 11 funny songs, which took place on November 14 at the Jacob Robert Kalka.

The California team, Siva is known little, but clearly the fact that The Evolution of Decay for a musical Quartet became the debut Studio work. Participants claim that played heavy metal music, but we tried to find out the details of studio material.

Closely acquainted with The Evolution of Decay can summarize that the guys are real musical polyglots and not averse to include their music varied blotches from a wide range of styles. Here you and groove metal and melodic death metal elements and the influence of classical death metal, and sometimes even show the harmony of black metal. Actually with the instrumental point of view very range longplay and diverse, which cannot be said about the vocals. Specifically to him there are some issues, the core of which is compatibility. The fact of the matter is that with some tracks on which opened n-genre, vocal "befriends" exceptional and good to go into the mix. And here is the song, to which the voice of singer, alas, does not fit and is heard along with instrumentation quite clumsy.

However, it is noteworthy that gourmets metal music The Evolution of Decay from Siva unconditionally would be appropriate in referring to its diversity and depth of the tracks.

1. Leading the Blind (06:18)
2. Down (04:52)
3. Blood (04:53)
4. Echoes of a Drama (04:21)
5. Hamartia (03:04)
6. Eugenics (04:09)
7. Swimming in Salt (07:51)
8. Black Out the Sky (05:08)
9. Rebirth in Reverse (05:01)
10. The Butcher (04:54)
11. The Evolution of Decay (05:51)
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21.12.2015 11:15:06

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The Evolution of Decay

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