Excellent tracks, gorgeous arrangements and honesty...

Skaei released their self-titled album, which took place on 20 November. 12 brand new tracks came out in support of Bikini Sound Rec.

Musical project Skaei absorbed all the cream of electronic music and is ready now to please their fans. The album of the same name team covers large-scale stylistic boundaries, which begin in the area and ends about chillhouse to deep house.

Tropical notes of Pierce each of 12 tracks, and on this we indirectly alludes album cover. By the way the disc is heard in one breath, largely thanks to the presence of female vocals, which makes serious diversity in Skaei. However, there are instrumental tracks, which will love those students who want to immerse themselves in the world of music and not be distracted on vocals. Among these songs, it is possible to separately emphasize the Green Light and Black Mamba. An interesting feature of the instrumental compositions is genuine dynamics, which, alas, is not enough for the rest of the songs. Special attention is given to the song Happy Ending, whose coloring and easy deserves the title of the grand composition.

Skaei with your longplay mentally take you into sultry summer, which you so lacking in such cold season. Excellent tracks, great arrangements, simplicity and honesty are uppercase elements fresh self-titled album from Skaei.

10.12.2015 21:21:21

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