Skizzy Mars
The Red Balloon Project

The album was really good and strong work...

Skizzy Mars-artist with a completely unique style released release with the straightforward title-The Red Baloon Project.

The uniqueness of the artist's style is its ability to combine such seemingly different genres, like rap and indie.

Music artist has a light coloring and relaxing effect on the listener. In General, vision music artist is not similar to other rappers. Artist does not use jargon or pulls at his work the veil of idleness that is likely to prevent him from moral constraints.

The release consists of 7-mi carefully designed and crafted tracks, of which only two are the fruit of the solo work of the artist. Collaborative compositions written by little-known artists such as G-Eazy, QuESt, Charlie Brand.

Tracks of the album, mostly on positive human traits and vivid memories of the artist, except for Be lazy. However, even laziness artist presents in a positive light, inviting the listener a little lazy with him for company. The album was really good and strong work that marks out the rapper to a new level.

13.02.2015 04:18:19
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Bass

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Skizzy Mars
The Red Balloon Project

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