Snoop Dogg

New ideas and a softer sounding ready to delight his audience from all corners of the planet...

Legendary rap artist Snoop Dogg released his latest work called BUSH. It was released 12 may, on his own label musician-Doggystyle Records.

Scandalous anchor finally released its new studio work, which became the thirteenth in succession in the discography of the artist. Snoop Dogg at the height of its popularity creates things that will bring pleasure to yourself in the first place. This is actually very true, because if the music created with his own hands, will meet their own needs, then only you can give to others.

The new BUSH continues the old tradition of street hip-hop with a pop flavor, which was chased Snoop Dogg in recent years creativity. I can assure that this disc has not become worse. Work is full of very powerful tracks pumping texts that with age the musician became more loyal and deep meaning. The arrangements and sound even talking is not worth it. All the "Hollywood" level, it's better to simply impossible.

The BUSH has reggae motifs that have been seen in previous papers rap musician. Like a true Maestro, Snoop Dogg their cleverly disguises for those not among the vulgar hip-hop harmony compositions. It should be noted that among the guest performers on LP by American singer were spotted Charlie Wilson, Stevie Wonder, Gwen Stefani and others.

Snoop Dogg from his album BUSH continues to delight all fans of creativity. New ideas and a softer sounding ready to delight his audience from all over the world.

15.05.2015 14:09:52

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Snoop Dogg

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