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Starset released fresh longplay, entitled Vessels. The album was released on January 20 New Razor & Tie Enterprises and consists of 15 tracks.

Vessels became American band Starset second studio album, which had volunteered to consolidate the success of the debut LP, which had already occurred in the distant year of 2014.

It is interesting to note that the Starset work in such styles as alternative metal, hard rock and electronic. In the new longplay Vessels musicians have done serious focus not only on powerful guitar riffs, but also electronic arrangements. About sound and talking is not worth it, and that's the bulk of hits choruses stands still once again noted.

The first five tracks performed in a fairly narrow shape and designed to invigorate and shaken the listener, and here he is on, with the song Starlight begin small blotches of experimentation and careful steps toward these musical and original action.

Vessels in all respects is quite vigorous and moderately diverse album, which definitely reinforces the success of the debut album of American musicians from the Starset. Good longplay, who without shame can recommend even those listeners who are a little bit away from heavy styles. Pleasant listening!

25.02.2017 10:38:58

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