Steve Vai
Modern Primitive

Steve Vai continues to experiment...

Modern Primitive was Steve Vai's new studio album, which was released June 24 at Sony Music Entertainment and includes 13 songs.

The legendary American composer, producer, performer and guitarist Steve Vai released a long-awaited ninth Studio disc Modern Primitive. Maestro guitar instrumental and virtuoso music this time reported in longplay 13 tracks that, as before, constitute a surprising mix of genres such as progressive rock, hard rock, with elements of funk rock and not only. Interestingly, funk rock component could not be better disclosed at compositions Bop!, which opens the longplay. Note that this is the song and scored the only guest on disc - Mohini Dey.

Throughout the Modern Primitive listener can confirm that Steve Vai continues to experiment and his ardor and attempts to self perfection does not fade. Longplay released an unusually rich and saturated, myriad diversified ideas found refuge at Modern Primitive and it only means that the ninth studio work far from perfect on-off audition.

Steve Vai with his new studio work Modern Primitive ready to enjoy not only their own creativity, but fans and listeners who simply liking high class instrumental music with a slight touch of rebellion. Pleasant listening!

14.07.2016 13:22:20

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Steve Vai
Modern Primitive

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