Suicidal Romance
Memories Behind Closed Curtains

If you are not familiar with the latest work of the electronic duo, then the new version - a great opportunity...

Suicidal Romance released a new book of studio work, which was called Memories Behind Closed Curtains. Delux version of the album was released on January 31 and includes 19 songs that came out on the Alfa Matrix.

Musical formation, originally from Tallinn, delux produced a version of all the favorite of studio work. The quirky duo, as before, the new longplay staffed only selected tracks, which have been breeding.

In the Deluxe Edition of the album is horrible a variety of remixes which over creating a variety of electronic musicians of all stripes. Among them is worth noting separately Wormz, who worked on the song Burning Love, Incubite, whose hands were made to modify the track Slave/Slave as well as Diversant13, which marked the Remember Me and this is not the whole list of invited artists.

Delux format Memories Behind Closed Curtains allowed us to take a fresh look at such an unusual and extremely memorable album. If you for some reason not yet familiar with the latest work of the electronic duo, the new version of the disc is an excellent opportunity to fix this misunderstanding. In 19 saturated songs, each of the listeners will find something for themselves. Pleasant listening!

07.03.2016 09:26:59

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Suicidal Romance
Memories Behind Closed Curtains

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