Sum 41
13 Voices

Tracks go into soul after the first listening...

Sum 41 released a new disc called 13 Voices. The album was released on October 7 on Hopeless Records and consists of 10 songs.

This fall, Sum 41 have pleased their fans a fresh release, who took sixth place in the discography of the band. Despite everything, the legends of pop punk music managed to remind yourself loud and quite professional.

Another exit single called Fake My Own Death and War, it was clear that the disc will be explosive and cheerful. 13 Voices was not just a good longpleem, but also the work virtually revitalized the group, given the current difficult times for style including.

Among the fresh Pack tracks haven found not only dynamic tracks the type of Fake My Own Death and Goddamn I'm Dead Again, but also lyrical compositions like War or Twisted By Design. It is interesting to note that the tracks literally after the first listening go into soul and they feel like humming. The song due to its simple structure is simply doomed to success because almost all the songs fresh album Americans have the explosive chorus.

13 Voices has the lost energy, which soared in the first albums of the band. In addition, I would like to add that the mood on the disc, martial, and the atmosphere is not autumn, so fans should enjoy. In addition, it should be noted that in addition to pop punk and punk rock on the album there is alternative rock, and even alternative metal.

Sum 41 - with his new longplay 13 Voices should definitely enjoy your taste, if you are a fan of the Group and style including. A simple but fascinating disc does not leave its audience without emotion. Pleasant listening!

19.12.2016 19:24:37

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Sum 41
13 Voices

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