Sunflower Bean
Human Ceremony

That is exactly what must look like a full-fledged debut...

Sunflower Bean release fresh longplay called Human Ceremony. The album is presented in the form of 11 tracks, which occurred on 5 February at Fat Possum Records.

Really the first longplay from the Brooklyn collective Sunflower Bean. Musical trio still at the start of his career sent vibes delight not only for students, but also critics. Many people understood that the Sunflower in a year or another Bean release something grandiose, that will make the distractions of personal affairs and not sleep nights, analyzing a song.

Actually, that is what happened. Exit Human Ceremony for all fans and musicians themselves real event. Once before it was cool to observed that fresh tracks Human Ceremony felt strong Entourage band The Cure, painfully similar mood prevails on the album. indie rock, lo-fi and a bit of garage rock makes debut from Sunflower Bean object enjoying this admirer of quality music for the nearest period. Sunflower Bean notably have plunged into atmosphere of private records and made a very distinctive sound to lo-fi music. Perhaps some of this seems not contemporary, but the Human Ceremony should be taken as a complete picture of each element which plays a special role, and without which the longplay would not be present.

That is exactly what must look like a full-fledged debut work. Heated interest listeners EP album and several singles doing his thing. Pleasant listening!

12.02.2016 08:06:41

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Sunflower Bean
Human Ceremony

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