Black Spring

If you are a fans of unusual stylistic solutions...

One sex released a new album whose name Black Spring. Longplay was released 21 March, Alexandre Granvaud and include 9 songs.

One sex will bring their bright colors in your life with its third studio album. On a team known only that musicians are based in France, has not signed to a major label, but manage to make music that is ready to compete with the leaders of the scene.

Black Spring stylistically extremely diverse. Among the compositions can be safely discern technical death metal and groove metal. Vocals on Black Spring seats is reminiscent of the voice of the legendary George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse and Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God, a deep guttural vocals, which is not without proper cleavage, broadcasts about issues of pressing.

The album has a total of 9 songs that at first glance may seem scanty amount. But rest assured, many of the tracks would be sufficient to get enough pleasant spring music.

Surprisingly for little-known metal artists, Black Spring has a gorgeous sound, machine-gun queues drum blastbeats you can easily distinguish between guitar, bass-guitar and vocals, everything is absolutely in their places.

Black Spring from the French one sex will be of interest to you if you are a fans of unusual stylistic decisions and are in search of something new. Pleasant listening!

01.04.2016 15:02:33

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Black Spring

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