Tales of Evening

Good album for fans of folk metal and Gothic atmosphere of...

Tales of the Evening-a young group from Hungary, which is rapidly gaining momentum. Places in the world charts till hard to conquer, but they have only two albums, and who knows what will happen next. Guys have created a metal band in the center of which is a female vocalist that is fairly common. This is confirmed by the Epica, Nightwish and many such groups.

The group positions itself as folk metal artists. The powerful roar of the guitars together with strong rhythms of percussion music make them dynamic. Female vocals against a backdrop of heavy music is the best combination.

In 2015, the Group presented its release Szilankok. The twelve songs on this album. From which you can select the single Utravalo, is different from all the other eleven songs instead of singing there is only text. Music by tact is growing, and with it the voice. You can feel the excitement and experience of performers. This song was an experiment for the group. 6 single, this album is very similar to the band Nightwish, especially the introductory part. Probably on Tales of Evening has strongly affected the creativity of this Finnish group. Good new album for lovers of high-quality folk metal and Gothic atmosphere.

04.03.2015 17:29:15

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Tales of Evening

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