Tegan and Sara
Love You to Death

If you want to plunge into the world of dreams and fantasy travels...

Tegan and Sara released fresh release, called Love You to Death. Studio work consists of 10 songs, which took place on June 3 at Warner Bros. Records.

Tegan and Sara have long can be called a full-fledged team, because in addition to the two sisters, twins, under many participate live, true session musicians. Sisters, despite the fact that their age is slightly more than 20, managed to release 8 LPs, including a fresh release of Love You to Death.

Love You to Death was even more stylistically diverse than all previous studio work. Here you will find the enchanting sounds of indie pop, synthpop and pop rock styles and not only. Among the 10 songs a lot of hits, a number which immediately makes you want to include the dance explosion of the Boyfriend, Frank ballad 100x, as well as slightly old school track format.

The new studio album from Tegan and Sara deserves your attention, because here there is everything that is necessary for every music lover, a great variety of instrumental, excellent vocals, good arrangements and many other.

If you want to plunge into the world of dreams and fantasy travels, Love You to Death with its energy for a long time will give you true emotions, in pursuit of which is, perhaps, everyone. Excellent studio work absolutely for everyone. Pleasant listening!

09.07.2016 16:44:44

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Tegan and Sara
Love You to Death

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