The 69 Eyes
Universal Monsters

Musicians observed a balance between dynamics and atmospherics..

Universal Monsters has become for The 69 Eyes fresh album, which was released on Nuclear Blast on April 22. The album contains 11 tracks.

Famous Glam rockers in the past, release brand new studio work, which responsibly took the 12-th position in the discography of the Finnish team. The 69 Eyes and their new offspring of the Universal Monsters can exactly boast that will, if not already become, plate number "1" in the field of gothic rock and hard rock.

It should be noted that if you like feed vocals, which is characteristic for both The 69 Eyes and gothic rock in general, in this case Universal Monsters in this regard did not disappoint, and for those to whom such manner of dislike, we have bad news for you. The instrumental constituent of the album is gorgeous in all plans. The musicians clearly observed a balance between dynamics and atmospherics. Universal Monsters sound very good. Quite surprising composition titled Rock 'n' Roll Junkie because of its simplicity of a gamer in the good sense of the word, and old school hard rock format.

Universal Monsters from well known Finnish musicians The 69 Eyes have to your taste and will be interesting not only if you are a fan of the band, but if you just like the diverse musical symbiots from professionals, which in this case.

06.05.2016 13:29:50

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The 69 Eyes
Universal Monsters

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