The Away Days
Dreamed at Dawn

Dreamed at Dawn entered deep, atmospheric and interesting...

The Away Days released a new studio work, which was named Dreamed at Dawn. The album was released on February 17 Pasaj and has 12 tracks.

Turkish music scene lives and breathes full breast and it's time to gather all the cream of this phenomenon and to cover fully. Today we'll talk about The Quintet Away Days and their debut LP Dreamed at Dawn.

Guys dream to complete the program and all of this is expressed in the new disc, which stylistically is made in the format of dream pop, indie and shoegazing. Before you create a new album, the musicians, as before, were inspired by the creativity of those imperishable formation like Joy Division, The Smiths and The Strooges. By and large these influence vividly imprinted on Dreamed at Dawn, but without much fanaticism.

05.05.2017 10:29:41

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The Away Days
Dreamed at Dawn

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