The Fright
Rising Beyond

If you love something extravagant and unusual...

The Fright released fresh plate called the Rising Beyond. The album saw the light of day 13 November and consists of 13 songs, which took place at 7hard.

German Quintet The Fright release a level pad that can wipe your nose literally everyone. All the splendor of lasts for about an hour and keeps its audience so hard that takes your breath away.

First of all, I would like to note that The Fright of very original and combine hard rock and gothic rock. To not say, it is the last genre you guys so unusual atmosphere on a fresh plate. All avid fans of similar styles like what The Fright with its longplay sound typical, not american, not european, and specifically his, perhaps, this fact particularly highlights the album among the crowd of similar. Separate rants flattering words deserves the material, which lay down low on Rising Beyond. The third studio work germans often slip through punk riffs and motifs, but not standard, with their vital warmth, and dark and cold. This adds to the musical hodgepodge of greater diversity, and as a result for one audition just isn't enough time to grasp all the thoughts the whole message, which laid the musicians.

If you love something extravagant and unusual, the third full-size work Rising Beyond from the German band The Fright you not only enjoy, but for how long will head the top most frequently listened to albums in your music library.

03.12.2015 08:55:21

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The Fright
Rising Beyond

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