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If you are looking for original and domestic...

The Kamodo released in light of the new studio disc, which was called the peacemaker. Longplay contains 9 songs, which took place on 5 April at own label group.

Domestic and highly original team hails from Ekaterinburg release debut record. When we first met with The Kamodo naturally striking stylistic originality. Good musicians mixed genres such as alternative and electronic. Despite the fact that at first glance, it might seem that the disc more fateful, electronic format and even dance elements here in numerical superiority.

Immense advantage in Peacemaker can be attributed to his is russian language. All songs included in fresh work gangs from Ekaterinburg, performed on native russian and understandable language. Also want to add that the lyrics very is very pressing LP and each listeners definitely will find points of contact with the Peacemaker.

Perhaps a format of musical creations have not had on the domestic scene. 9 absolutely hot tracks will not let you get bored not for a moment and take a break from listening fresh work from The Kamodo.

If you are looking for something original and domestic, it is highly recommended to draw your attention to the latest studio work from The Kamodo called Peacemaker. Pleasant listening!

1. Когда мы уйдем (04:39)
2. Сама за себя (03:51)
3. Сезон охоты на людей (04:24)
4. Железное небо (03:32)
5. Вперед астронавты (04:00)
6. Нам надоело спать (04:20)
7. Fight Fuck (03:25)
8. Кит улетает на север (02:46)
9. Неизбежно (01:40)
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19.04.2016 13:40:26

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The Kamodo

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