The Maya Secret

Incredibly atmospheric and soft disc...

Illumination was The Maya Secret fresh longplay, which occurred on 14 April this year on its own label collective. The album consists of 8 tracks.

The Maya Secret is a Russian group, which tries to behave in completely different genres, not shy to experiment and makes the very atmospheric music. Fresh plate Illumination absorbed in himself absolutely all positive musical features The Maya Secret and lures all potential listeners very original pieces of music.

In his music The Maya Secret, in particular Illumination, combine indie rock, dream pop and even elements of trip hop. Primarily Targeting clearly liking those listeners, that soul of creativity by bands such as U2, Massive Attack, Muse and The Cure, because it was from there that The Maya Secret drew his inspiration for his new LP.

Illumination is absolutely magical and unique work. Sikstet music is so wonderful unusual craft, which owns wonder how so harmoniously can sound so many tools within a single composition. By the way, the Illumination is full of both male and female vocals. And the vast majority of tracks performed solely on keyboards. Incredibly atmospheric and soft disc for true connoisseurs. All pleasant listening!

09.05.2016 11:26:00

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The Maya Secret

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