The Prodigy
The Day is My Enemy

Can only envy the creative zapalu, which goes through the musicians more than a dozen years...

Legends of electronic music The Prodigy back on the big stage with his new work, the name of The Day is My Enemy. As a producer of "long play" made Lièm Howlett, who States that the sixth of his team's work is nothing but the highest degree of aggression and hatred.

The eponymous track of the album, which "opens" a new British record, nimble hands for clings instantly Nedra consciousness thanks to the unique bits and crazy sintezatornym parties. And this is only the first track. With confidence and responsibility can be said that for all 15 songs, one of which is a bonus track, the listener is not released into the world of calm and relaxation.

Frantic drive, which already enslaved many listeners to The Prodigy in the early 90 's, will accompany the entire time, which will play the album. Recognizable vocals Keith Flint's exceptional "sits" on top of the instrumental soup. On The Day is My Enemy very little has changed in terms of instrumentala, The Prodigy to remain true to yourself and your ideals. As previously, works on the new LP you can hear the guitar with a distinctive sound congested.

These old men from The Prodigy will give odds to many contemporary electronic artists, they don't have ideas, they did not take away the professionalism to implement it, they can only envy.

Creative fire, which goes through the musicians for decades. Musicians have experienced not one splash of trendy styles, but continue to bend their line. The Day is My Enemy is a military frigate that will destroy competitors and takes the first place among the musical war.

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The Prodigy
The Day is My Enemy

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