The Unguided
Lust And Loathing

Want to see a modern northern pushy metal?..

The Unguided released fresh album, that Lust And Loathing. The album was released on February 26 and includes 12 tracks, which took place on Napalm Records.

Here came the third full studio album from a country of true metal - Sweden. The guys from The Unguided is positioned as a team that works in the genre of melodic death metal, but in reality the situation is somewhat different, in that we will be able to verify with you after reading and enjoying the Lust And Loathing.

Interestingly, categorically brutal cover Lust And Loathing a bit at odds with tracks that went into it. Besides the classical melodic death metal guys added a pinch of modern metal, and a little bit of metalcore. At the exit of the sounds is simply deadly, and even a few fresh, despite many years of genres. Frankly, so a successful merging of genres, metal world has not seen for a long time. Fans of such musical formations, as Sonic Syndicate, Dead by April, In Flames (later), and perhaps even Children Of Bodom will be pleased to have extremely rich dynamic and energetic themes. By the way, the last team mentioned The Unguided similar sounding keyboards. Apparently it's some sort of local Swedish chip music.

Want to see a modern northern pushy metal? The Unguided from his new album for a long time will settle in your hearts. Very strong and professional work from very young gangs. We strongly recommend you to listen!

08.03.2016 10:06:26

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The Unguided
Lust And Loathing

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