Thomas Branch
Thomas Branch

Catchy tunes and a wide variety of vocal...

Thomas Branch published its new disc of the same name, which was released on his own label 24 April and consists of 10 tracks.

Electronic musician and composer originally from the United States, released his first full-length album, which clearly will give odds to many colleagues on stage. Dance rhythms laced with absolutely every track, this is the basis of the same name plate Thomas Branch.

Musician himself on his debut acting as composer, and vocals, Thomas Branch, invited many diverse artists who have contributed to the development of the LP, as well as the diversity on the album. Among the guests of the studio work I'd like to mention Luke Amerson, Sirena Grace, Jordan Sasser and others.

On the disc are also present and instrumental works such as Interlude, and #Trumptrain, which are located in the middle of the album and provide an opportunity for the listener to relax from the vocal diversity.

In general, Thomas Branch has done a terrific job, that will definitely be appreciated at its true value all fans of electronic music, namely, house and dance. Catchy motifs, a wide variety of vocal front, deep and thoughtful instrumental makes the same work of Thomas Branch memorable and allocated among the thousands of other similar releases. Extremely strong studio LP for all fans of dance music. Pleasant listening!

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Thomas Branch
Thomas Branch

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