An extraordinary feast for true connoisseurs of electronic music...

Tiatsu published a new studio disc, which was called Fire. The album includes 14 fresh tracks, which took place on 20 February on his own label.

Tiatsu remembered by many critics and fans of electronic music for many factors. To begin, I would like to say that last year alone the author managed to record three full-length LP. With every single album was conceptual and dedicated to a particular theme. Also, the Fire tiatsu decided to continue a tradition on the opening track, which has the same name with the disc.

However, turning to the direct description of fresh album from tiatsu, I would like to say that the work is done in a very original format. The thing that tiatsu combines their music elements of dubstep, which is taken as a basis, and 8-bit sounds most likely, familiar for those unforgettable sensations and mood given in childhood as a result of many hours of prosižennyh for a game console.

As much an unusual approach to creating music at output gave a magnificent mix that confused with anyone and nothing is impossible. A truly unusual music from its original charm love you and will remain in your playlist.

An extraordinary feast for true connoisseurs and lovers of electronic music. Fresh from tiatsu album entitled Fire with their fluids positive sentiment love you literally since the first listening.

1. Fire (03:28)
2. Danger (03:23)
3. Fault (05:02)
4. Incinerate (04:34)
5. Burn (04:01)
6. Shattered (04:17)
7. Answers (03:36)
8. Smolder (03:36)
9. Okru (03:30)
10. Flux (03:53)
11. Trapped (03:24)
12. Dissolve (03:43)
13. Stubborn (03:47)
14. Restrained (04:39)
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12.03.2016 11:23:27

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