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Safehaven certainly will be interesting for you...

Safehaven became Tides From Nebula's new album, which was released on May 13 at the Long Branch Records and consists of 8 tracks.

Latest Studio recording of Polish team Safehaven can definitely be called a personal breakthrough group. Less than 2 weeks, longplay took 13 positions in the local charts. We remind that earlier such successes for the Tides From Nebula simply were not observed.

Quartet from Warsaw makes all his musical movement in a straight line, but not particularly predictable. The Safehaven found refuge this musical phenomenon, as post rock. To many it may seem that this style is hidden only palette of moods, but you'll be surprised to learn that Tides From Nebula prepared for you not only depression, sadness, frustration and agony, but joy, smiles and overall Joie de vivre, which forever settled on the expanses of the compositions included in Safehaven.

Sense of calm and relaxed during the tracks won't let you miss a single item, no one touches the desired mood. Total fresh 8 perfectly lyrics refer to time, but most likely you repeat playback of the album, because poles make their music not like other similar groups, therefore necessarily Safehaven is interesting.

Tides From Nebula for its fresh Studio work Safehaven will bring you a lot of fun even if you're not an outspoken fan of style in running the team. Pleasant listening!

30.05.2016 11:35:46

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Tides From Nebula

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