Trapazoid boasts a good and sound quality...

Titan issued a fresh disc titled Trapazoid. The album was released on March 8 Soundfire Records and contains 10 tracks.

Ironic, when virtually no one famous artist, produces this level studio work. From the first notes of Trapazoid surprises with its originality, what has been achieved through the merger of many electronic genres.

Immediately, it is worth noting that Titan has created its own fully instrumental Trapazoid longplay. This is not surprising, having listened to the disc, at least once you realize that such music vocals will only get in the way. With regard to style, then at all confusing enough Trapazoid. Here there is a trap, some echoes of chiptune and synthwave. Due to the latter, the disc and is so unusual and vintage Entourage.

Surprisingly, all submitted songs seriously differs among themselves, but they have a rod that author and customize all tracks into one album, not only in fact, but also on the case. It is also worth adding that Trapazoid boasts a good and sound quality that truly appreciate the spoiled fans of the genre.

Trapazoid artist Titan will attract those who are looking for new views and is not afraid to experiment with sound, style and not only. Balanced plate that's worthy of your attention. Pleasant listening!

1. Animox (03:04)
2. Challenger (02:35)
3. World Around (04:03)
4. Deconstruction (02:11)
5. Echo Society (02:25)
6. Chess (03:11)
7. Fenix (03:19)
8. Immortal (02:47)
9. Square Zen (03:08)
10. Drink the Sun (02:51)
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04.04.2016 11:20:59

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