The latest brainchild of To/Die/For categorically recommended for listening...

To/Die/For released their new album whose name Cult. Longplay consists of 8 songs, retired Massacre Records.

The Scandinavian countries are famous for their metal bands and original attitude toward religion, but occasionally occur drastically phenomenal things, one of which is the birth of the light in 1999 year band To/Die/For. These guys took a course on the gothic rock and work it is already quite long and fruitfully.

Fresh release titled Cult was released 26 June this year. This album is particularly interesting and arguably the best material in the discography of the band and this is his explanation. The fact of the matter is that previous work released exactly four years ago - in 2011, and the team had the luxury of time to raise your own bar to a new level. And so it happened, Cult is a gothic rock sound standard of Finnish origin.

Feature records and the group as a whole is the vocals. You'll be surprised at how much manly and rough vocals on kupletnoj part may be so mild and pleasant in the choruses. Speaking of them, musicians not stingy on creating memorable choruses, but they are for the most part to the same vocal coach. Riffs on the Cult classic, purely within the genre, but heard they quite nicely. The nice thing about the album is the copious amounts of keyboards.

Well, finally I want to say that the latest brainchild of To/Die/For categorically recommended for listening. There are no templates, Finnish musicians have mastered nobody merging gothic rock and alternative rock, and do so efficiently and confidently that the Cult wants to listen to more than once.

29.06.2015 10:12:00

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