This injection of adrenalin on the background of the spring avitaminosis...

Called project Transmitter, based in Germany, is three guys: Jeff Ougl English Newcastle and two residents of Hanover, the German Mod Hajdrih and Stefan Bileš. The debut album called Pop Hooligan came out in 2004, and it has been clearly demonstrated, as Transmitter and than going to the public.

Incredibly energetic blend of rap, electro, dnb, dance rock and electronics accounted for very different audiences: from punk to rèjverov. This music format is fine for an open-air festival in the summer, so the project much touring through Europe. Special chip Transmitter are the live drums, which are the responsibility of Stefan Bileš.

The debut album was reinforced by new releases I See Red! (2007) and the Overloader (2010). Smaschine is the fourth album, and the ambitions of the group members, related, more highly than ever. Perhaps, you can understand and share these twelve tracks all hit only in purpose. You are unlikely to want to switch off the plate before listen it all to the end.

Which tracks can be identified?

Powerful brakes The Box, hip-hopovaja America, dance Drum'n'bass in the Greatest Show On EarthCrossed of Swords, and, of course, the EDM - St After the Dark dance floor breaker. But the main album, will likely become Crossed Swords, the track, which successfully combined commercial and proprietary energy Transmitter.

The new album is a real injection of adrenalin on the background of the spring avitaminosis. It is good to hear in the car, playing sports, partying "for their" and cycling. Bubbling fountain energy will move your foot to the beat of his terrible mizantropa.

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