The main emphasis of Missouri placed on atmosphere...

Tycho released a new longplay, entitled Epoch. The album consists of 11 tracks, which occurred at the Ghostly International 30 September.

For the American draft Tycho, the Epoch was the fourth full-length work in the discography. Interestingly, the main creative linchpin Tycho is Scott Hansen, who only in concert activity uses the services of session musicians. Actually, this one man band not only demonstrates the magnificent electronic tracks, but also takes superb post rock.

Latest studio album Tycho, akin to previous Awake, resembles a mix consisting of downtempo, ambient, chill-out and electronic in general, this time without special extreme. As before, the main accent is made on the LP fresh atmosphere here, by the way, stunning. Delight spoiled hearing plenty of live instruments, which do not dilute the whole electronic so Hilo aesthetics of the Epoch. In fact, it's quite dignified and Epoch, perhaps the ideological continuation of Awake, which we today have mentioned and which occurred two years ago. But with all this Epoch is distinguished by many technical details and some nuances that go into that simply makes no sense, because we are here with you for the sake of good music, right?

Tycho with his new album Epoch definitely deserves a place in your personal playlist. Extraordinarily beautiful and atmospheric music fits in any situation and at any time. Pleasant listening!

08.11.2016 13:04:03

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