Das Ende aller Lügen

Ende aller Lügen seriously differs from previous works...

Das Ende aller Lügen became Varg fresh album, which includes 15 songs, which occurred 15 January on Napalm Records.

Das Ende aller Lügen for metal gang from Germany became 8-m longplay for all the long history of existence, the collective. It should be noted that with a fresh release, Varg debuted at the famous metal label in Europe, thus opening new horizons for yourself.

Das Ende aller Lügen and 20 tracks, which included in it are executed in the usual stylistic framework for group, namely the merger of melodic death metal with viking metal and pagan metal. Das Ende aller surprisingly Lügen seriously differs according to the nature of the material from previous Studio work. Perhaps here, Das Ende aller Lügen, modern appeared, which lacked Varg to reach a new level.

Das Ende aller Lügen is a mix of native-metal compositions and unusual ballads. Special attention should be paid to the composition entitled Darkness. Specifically here and you can feel the gust modern in sound, referred to a little above. Finally I want to say that 20 songs more than enough, to appreciate and enjoy a musical message from so extraordinary.

Varg with its new musical work Das Ende aller Lügen you almost immediately, but some listeners might need a bit more time to get a taste of the whole essence of the studio album. Clearly only one, if you like the hard quality music, which smells of freshness, Das Ende aller Lügen for you.

19.01.2016 12:06:29

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Das Ende aller Lügen

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