Gorgeous melodies, catching vocals and gorgeous sound...

Emerald was for Veorra new longpleem, which saw the light of 12 February this year and has in itself the 7 tracks, retired JASBA Records.

Emerald was the fourth small plate for electronic duo Veorra. First of all I would like to note, that the music collaboration disguised under the name of Veorra was very interesting and exciting. In fact, the duo consists of a guy who makes a thunderous tracks, and a girl who is responsible for the vocal component.

Not new, but until now the original musical progress took advantage and Veorra that already during the years of his career producing quite small in volume EP albums with characteristic names.

This time, the Emerald shows us all the culmination and apogee of the musical event, which was started last year. Gorgeous melodies, crazy arrangements, catching vocals, gorgeous sound settled on fresh studio work from the young duo.

Unfortunately, not all so sweet as it might seem initially, when only get with the disc. The fact of the matter is that 7 songs disastrously low number in order to get enough plenty of sophisticated electronic melodies.

If you are a fan of dubstep and electronic branches, be sure to pay your attention to the new album from the wonderful duo Veorra. You like, guaranteed!

05.03.2016 04:37:52

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