Walking On Cars
Everything This Way

Walking On Cars sounded brighter and juicier...

Everything This Way was Walking On Cars new studio work, which was published January 29 on Virgin EMI Records. Longplay contains 12 fresh songs.

For the Irish team Walking On Cars Everything This Way was the first full-length album, however the band known to many listeners for many singles and two EP album that came out a few years earlier.

Musical Quartet, if anyone knows the band previously, worked exclusively within indie rock, indie pop with a touch of alternative rock. For Everything This Way to this whole action added small, very tiny electronic items, in a rather unusual manner. A great example of this is the song entitled Always Be with You. Due to this, the Irish are nice have extended the range of our own sound, well and accordingly this has had an impact on the fan base, which with the release of Everything This Way became more defined.

Such experiments with sound, as on Everything This Way definitely heat were perceived by the public, and the community on social networks continue to be replenished enthusiastic comments. Walking On Cars sounded really brighter and juicier, they certainly found in works that have been looking for.

Longplay from Walking On Cars flying for the blink of an eye, at the expense of what is simply not enough time to consider, that came to an end. In this regard, there is an irresistible desire to lose album at least once. Everything This Way deserves your attention, so don't delay in a long box and start getting acquainted with the debut work of Irish band right now.

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Walking On Cars
Everything This Way

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