Wild Beasts
Boy King

Musicians began to depart from the usual musical cliches...

Wild Beast released a new studio work, which has received the name of the Boy King. Longplay was released August 5 Domino Records and consists of 11 songs.

British gang of Wild Beasts, which even in the early Noughties began his creative journey together with other renowned ensembles and reached its release mini anniversary, 5-th. Immediately it should be noted that the boundaries of the Boy King stylistically camped somewhere between art rock, synthpop and electronic.

As shown by the sales and chart performance, the Boy King at the moment is the most successful album in the history of the band, and no wonder, because here, musicians began to slowly and very gently to depart from the usual musical cliche, which is inherent in indie rock. There have been some experiments that are not too catchy to be perceived, but their presence was definitely felt on virtually every single composition.

Among the especially memorable songs, I want to mention the tracks Get My Bang and Big Cat that previously were published as singles in this year. With the rest of the same compositions there may be some questions that most likely will disappear after more detailed acquaintance with the Boy King.

Wild Beasts and their new studio work Boy King is definitely good and should enjoy a devoted fans. With regard to new listeners, we recommend to turn their attention to this disc. The work is extraordinary good and deep, and you can see for yourself. Pleasant listening!

12.09.2016 10:52:12

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Wild Beasts
Boy King

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