Yellowcard released quite melancholic...

Yellowcard released a new self-titled album. It was released on Hopeless Records on September 30 and consists of 10 tracks.

To begin, I would like to note that the combination reminds longplay stylistically, alternative rock and pop punk. Fully worked out fairly predictable, but no less enjoyable.

Among fresh 10 tracks, not a few songs that are 100% hit in the heart of the listener. Classic motives and maximum explosive choruses nominated studio work the same American team far ahead. During his long and rich musical history, the musicians have learned to speak with the audience on his tongue.

The album of the same name, is the latest in the works of the gang, but, in our humble opinion it is this supposed to be the finale, the point in this long journey. From that gets a little sad, but this work is a real respect for the fans, because the album is not just quality but also relevant to our time.

Yellowcard released enough melancholic in its mood, which only costs a track called Leave a Light On, as well as Rest In Peace, but over the plate felt a spark of hope for a brighter future, which definitely happens, in particular for musicians.

Yellowcard with his latest studio work definitely will be remembered and will love you. Excellent alternative work in the trail which leaves the whole epic quality songs. All recommend. Pleasant listening!

18.11.2016 09:09:16

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