Young Guns
Ones and Zeros

Young Guns and their fresh release calls nostalgic feelings for good alternative rock...

Team Young Guns released their new disc, which received the name of Ones and Zeros. Longplay was released 9 June on Wind-up Records and consists of 12 compositions.

British rock formation produced a second Studio work that could not please all fans. Despite impressive success, musicians were not a whirl on the second album.

Ones and Zeros is a fairly high-quality alternative rock, but I immediately noted that all 12 songs can boast of their powerful energy. On the album, though the present structure of the tracks, with verses and choruses, but made it to the Summit. Frame style dictate group soft and sweet choruses, but Young Guns somehow magically manage to bypass this and their "chorus" sound with courage, with a pinch of lyricism and sorrow. After listening to the album, something gets into the soul, one of those unique pleasant and memorable things is vocals. Reefs, which are the Ones and Zeros, reminiscent in spirit to the beginning and middle of "zero", so that all who are familiar with this golden period for alternative music, doors, but rather tracks Ones and Zeros are always open.

On the Daylight and I Want Out British musicians released clips that are already available for viewings. Summing up, I would like to say that the Young Guns and their fresh release calls nostalgic feelings for good alternative rock. The album is light and have too much drive at the same time, though sometimes rather dull, but overall the work deserves a solid five.

19.06.2015 06:55:45

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Young Guns
Ones and Zeros

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