Nous Horizon

The album is completely permeated by the romance and dance spirit...

Yuksek released a new release, which was named Nous horizon. The record was released on Partyfine 24 February and consists of 13 compositions.

For the French musician Pierre-Alexandre Busson, who is more famous for the music world under the pseudonym Yuksek, Nous horizon became the third full-fledged job in the discography. The stylistic framework of the fresh no is between house, electropop and nu-disco.

The new tracks, which entered the third album by the French musician, continue to boast a magnificent atmosphere and a subtle sense of style. The album is literally permeated by the light hints of romance and dance spirit. Despite the fact that Yuksek positioning himself as an electronic musician, his fresh album was quite alive. Much of this feeling arises from the skilful and appropriate inclusions of the living instruments in their own music, something looming on the horizon. A striking example of this is the sweet addiction that make it easy and golden age.

If you want to hear really good music that will be located at the seam of an electronic paths and a funkier-tinted dance disc, the third studio album, called Nous horizon from the French musician Yuksek, is what you need. Good work in every sense. Have a nice audition!

27.05.2017 05:46:27

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Nous Horizon

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