Zachariah Ka1ne
Mona Lisa

Slow and groove beats with leisurely over events...

Mona Lisa became the new studio work for Zachariah Ka1ne. Longplay consists of 11 tracks, which happened on the 629108 Records label DK 13 September.

Zachariah Ka1ne is a young guy from Ohio who slowly tries to break into the world of cloud rap with his debut full-length work. Perhaps it is a time when the genre is suffering from disastrous glut as excellent artists and secondary material. Rate at which extreme got Mona Lisa from Zachariah Ka1ne is hard enough, but it is possible to accurately point out that this is far from being "shot" year in cloud rap music.

In essence, Mona Lisa offers us all the same as usual: slow and groove beats with an extremely leisurely over events, as well as the related flow. Zachariah Ka1ne throughout stands out not very own skill, but there are discounts, because after all it's not grime, and indeed whole image. If you like almost standard cloud rap without frills, Zachariah Ka1ne can you enjoy with his debut album.

For everyone else who is looking for something unique and exceptional in the world of modern hip-hop/rap music, you can pass safely by Mona Lisa is not what you need. Mona Lisa in general is not good and not bad studio work, it froze not even halfway, but somewhere outside the plane of the standard evaluation, and this is probably the worst. Everything else we wish you pleasant listening!

02.12.2016 16:42:04

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Zachariah Ka1ne
Mona Lisa

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