The Fifth Dimension

At the head of The Fifth Dimension is worth...

Zyce released a new studio album, which was called The Fifth Dimension. Longplay was released 13 June at TesseracTstudio and contains 11 tracks.

Serbian electronic musician, plenty of playing heavy music, decided to try himself in the electronic path. Since then, the artist has released four full-length albums, and on the fifth work of The Fifth Dimension and we'll talk.

At the heart of The Fifth Dimension, as previous LPs, lies progressive trance and psychedelic trance, which presented its listener in an extremely unusual format. Literally from the first compositions of The Fifth Dimension, called Shiva, you will understand what it was about. Musician responsibly approached composition, with greater rigor than before.

During the rule of The Fifth Dimension is worth the atmosphere, without which all tracks look faded and not saturated. Interestingly, the musician was able to withstand the same atmosphere throughout, except that sometimes bringing in their music are slightly different colors.

Zyce and his new studio album The Fifth Dimension unconditionally and immediately fall into the list of your frequently tapped records electronic direction. Longplay is filled with many different ideas, which are decorated in one style. Nice work for a wider audience. Pleasant listening!

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The Fifth Dimension

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