Alice Cooper justifies Mumford & Sons

Famous rocker said that he was forced to swallow your resentment, after some remarks Mumford & Sons.

"Have you heard the new album guys? They made me think that I had previously regarded them incorrectly. They really are a serious group. It cannot be called until the end of the rock, but they have their vision, which should be music at the present time, plus, I can see that they are doing all this sincerely. Mumford Sons & is not rock, not refer them to this tag, it's just a crime.

Alice Cooper justifies Mumford & Sons / Information source: NME

A couple of highlights from Wilder Mind to share with you all, more Ditmas news coming soon...M&S HQ x

Posted by Mumford and Sons on 15 Июль 2015 г.
22.07.2015 17:27:55

Alice Cooper justifies Mumford & Sons

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