The Libertines announce week celebrations

It became known that in London's Dublin Castle will take place the presentation of the disc, various quizzes and much more.

The Libertines are planning to release a fresh album titled Anthems For Doomed Youth. Exit 4 is slated for September this year. This disc will become the first studio work groups over the last 11 years.

In the framework of the celebration of the release of the album included a number of activities that will take place during the week. It is known that announcements of activities will include photo exhibition, documentary film, play the album and much more. Celebrations will be held from 31 August to 4 September.

The Libertines announce week celebrations / Information source: NME

Stop the press, hold the front page kiddo! Libertines are back!!! Albion ship sails on. Read all about it.

Posted by The Libertines on 8 августа 2015 г.
10.08.2015 18:18:49

The Libertines announce week celebrations

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